Elite Matchmaking Reviews

Elite MatchmakingElite Matchmaking is one of the world’s most successful matchmaking service. With thousands of members from all over the U.S and the most professional employees, Elite Matchmaking provides their customers with top quality dates. After paying membership costs and signing up with them, you will be interviewed by one of their devoted matchmakers who reviews you thoroughly. During this interview, you will be asked various important questions such as, where you are from, where you want to spend the rest of your life, what kind of life you want,  do you have any previous dating complaints and what kind of spouse you are looking for. These questions provide better information to the matchmaker so that he/she can find the best match for you.

As soon as your Elite Matchmaking matchmaker finds a suitable match for you, he/she will contact you via phone call or e-mail to discuss the details the person he/she found. Both of you will decide when and where you will meet your date. All the necessary arrangements will be made so that you can enjoy spending time with your date in the most comfortable environment. After the date, your matchmaker at Elite Matchmaking will again contact you for your thoughts on the date. Any questions you might have will gladly be answered and advice will be given to help you through your upcoming dates. You will also be asked if you have any Elite Matchmaking reviews or complaints.

Elite Matchmaking has helped thousands of people find their soul mates in recent years. With many success stories out there, one can get a better idea of how this company works. Reading different reviews is a great way to do research on this elite dating service and evaluate if the cost and fees are worth it.

Elite Matchmaking branches are scattered all over the U.S with offices in:

Los Angeles
San Francisco
Las Vegas
Palm Springs
Orange County
Washington DC

By signing up with Elite Matchmaking, you are guaranteed the most professional dating service in the country. The staff will work day and night to make sure you attain happiness.

You can sign up now at any of the local offices: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Boston, Palm Springs, Orange County, Washington DC, Houston and San Diego.

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There are those of us out there on the web who are really not interested in making friends, or starting romance. There are those of us out there who would rather just get down to the business at hand (no pun intended) in the bedroom. If you’re looking for sex or have a sex fetish that you want to share with someone in a very real way, you need to check out Fling.

Fling is so confident in the service they offer, they will GIVE you 3 months of their service FREE of charge if you can’t find someone to hook up with in the first 3 months of service.

Fling in terms of website development is very well put together. You’ll have no problem finding your way around all of Fling’s features and offerings. Even as a free member you can browse profile snapshots of other members in your area. If you want to delve into a members’ full profile, you’ll need to sign up as a silver member.

Fling offers very little to free subscribers. In order to take advantage of all that Fling has to offer, I would recommend subscribing. I normally never recommend a subscription simply because that’s not what I do here. However, if you don’t subscribe, you really won’t be able to do much at Fling. And that’s such a shame because the website offers so much. Continue reading

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Yahoo Personals

If you’re interested in meeting other singles online, your chances are always better when you have a larger group of candidates to choose from. Yahoo!, the number one website in the United States offers its users a smorgasbord of tools, features, and goodies. It seems only natural that Yahoo would also offer a service for lonely singles that visit their site everyday. Yahoo Personals is one of the most popular AND easy to use online dating sites out there.

Yahoo Personals does not spend a lot of time on extra features. They have a straightforward approach to finding love online; look, let ‘em know you’re looking, get together. As a free member you can send icebreakers to other singles on Yahoo Personals. I find this approach is mutually beneficial for Yahoo and it’s users. You can toss out a line of communication at no charge to see if that guy or gal is interested in you. If he or she is, they can send something back. Although these “Icebreakers” are pre-written, you don’t have to pay for Yahoo’s service to use them and you can do so at no cost. If that single does send you an approving icebreaker back…then it’s go time. You know that you can sign up for Yahoo’s service with a good expectation that you’ll get to talk to the person you were interested in although there are pricing fees and membership costs for doing so. Continue reading

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Chemistry was designed to help singles find truly compatible matches online. Chemistry claims that another popular online dating site, eHarmony, has rejected over one million people that attempted to complete their personality profile; and they’re not sure why. Chemistry’s motto is: “Come as you are.” As long as you are of age, you can not be rejected at Chemistry.

Filling out Chemistry’s personality profile was more entertaining than eHarmonoy’s and it’s shorter. However, I’m not sure that a shorter questionnaire leads to better identification of personality types. Once you’ve completed your profile Chemistry will send you your first five matches at NO COST! Do you get that? At no cost! You can always access your personality results for free at Chemistry which is an attractive benefit.

Even after you’ve completed your personality profile, Chemistry will ask you pop up questions on your homepage. Once you’ve clicked an answer, it moves on to the next question. It’s simple, clean, and nuisance-free. The website itself reflects those same qualities. You won’t have any trouble finding your way around your homepage. Continue reading

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Match.com is the number one online dating website in the world. Love-starved singles will appreciate Match.com’s 15 million plus user base. Match.com was founded in 1995 making it the oldest online dating community on the internet.

One of the most appealing aspects of Match.com is the broad spectrum it targets as an online dating website. You have to be a male or female and you have to be over the age of 18. Pretty simple, right?

Match.com seems genuinely interested in matching up singles and helping them find lasting relationships. They offer multiple services to help users express themselves and provide support to give singles a greater chance of finding a great match. Match.com feels confident enough in their product to give anyone that subscribes to their service a ‘6 month guarantee‘ on the payment and membership cost. If you don’t find someone special in 6 months, you get 6 months of their service for free. Continue reading

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Perfect Match

Perfect Match is a unique online dating website that focuses more on compatibility than availability of people to search through. The concept of their website is not to present you with thousands of singles and give you tools to fish through them. Instead, tell Perfect Match who you are, who you want, and let them do that work for you.

The Duet Compatibility test is one of the most fun profiles to fill out on the internet. The test asks you a variety of questions that focus on some key aspects of you. First you take care of the essentials; are you a man or woman? Single, divorced, or widowed? What do you look like? What do you do for a living, etc. This is standard operating procedure for most websites. The Duet Compatibility test breaks down the rest of the questions by Values&Ideals, Deal Breakers, and Life&Love Style. Once you’ve completed those basic questions, the fun questions and tests begin.

The Duet analysis is broken into 8 categories…Romantic Impulsivity, Personal Energy, Outlook, Predictability, Flexibility, Decision Making Style, Emotionality, and Self Nurturing. The questions are inquisitive and easy to answer. Best of all, Perfect Match breaks up all the questions with games and visual tests. The test is the reason you come to Perfect Match and I can’t recommend it enough. Continue reading

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Lifemates Reviews

Lifemates Canada
Lifemates Canada Complaints and Reviews

Lifemates Canada is the leading Canadian dating service. Many people today have difficulty finding the right person for marriage and are frustrated with their many dating complaints.  People are built with different emotions and personalities which make it hard for them to meet a suitable life partner.  Lifemates Canada is the solution to this issue.  Lifemates is a quick and easy way to meet singles from all over Canada.  With this very effective and successful dating company, the world is a much better place to live in.  Lifemates has helped hundreds of thousands in the past and has more than thirty thousand members.  With offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal, London, Barrie, Winnipeg, Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton Lifemates provides professional dating services to Canadians at reasonable cost and fees. All over the internet testimonials and positive Lifemates reviews can be found from happy members.

Lifemates Canada works with the most devoted professional matchmakers and offers top quality service to satisfy their most beloved customers.  Each member is treated like an adult and is respected by the entire staff.  The journey of Lifemates starts with an interview between each member and one of their highly qualified matchmakers who thoroughly reviews the individual.  During this interview, you will be asked many important questions about your life and what you want in a spouse so that your matchmaker can find the one person most suitable for you. Day and night, your matchmaker tries hard to make sure that you achieve happiness and love.  Lifemates Canada guarantees success to each and every customer, respecting their investment in the Lifemates Cost.

You are contacted the moment your matchmaker has found someone for you to date.  As soon as this happens, you and your matchmaker will discuss all the necessary details about the person.  After your description is told over to the other person, the date is on.  All the arrangements will be made by Lifemates so you and your date can just sit and relax and enjoy each other’s company at one of Canada’s finest restaurants.  Before the date, your matchmaker will give you advice to help you through the night based on your date’s personality.

The next day your matchmaker at Lifemates Canada will contact both you and your date to get the feedback, reviews and complaints in order to help you both work out any issues there might be.  If both parties agree, the matchmaker will set up a second date.  After each date, this will happen.

Lifemates Canada cannot wait to help future customers.  You can be one of these lucky people by signing up today at any of the following branches: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal, London, Barrie, Winnipeg, Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton

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American Singles

American Singles was founded in 1999 and has been a staple in online dating personals for years. Sporting millions of members, your chances of finding someone special on American Singles are nothing to sneeze at. American Singles’ broad appeal is largely responsible for it’s popularity and it’s something that nearly every single person looking for love can take advantage of. American Singles offers a unqiue service called “Click!” When members search for singles and find someone they’re interested in, they can select a heart in the singles’ profile with a “Y” in it. If the person they’re interested in finds their profile and also selects “Y”, American Singles will notify both members of their mutual interest. This is a fantastic service and it’s completely anonymous until both sides agree that they are interested in one another.

American Singles also offers speed dating services that you can sign up for. They’ve partnered with HurryDate.com and they promote speed dating parties all across the country. They guarantee you’ll meet at least 10 singles or your next party is free at no cost and requiring no payment. Like most speed dating parties, everything is kept anonymous until you and the person you’re interested in both agree that you’ve got some chemistry. Continue reading

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Lavalife is a dating powerhouse for singles that want to reach out. Pictures and profiles are nice but their power is certainly dwarfed by other methods of communication. Lavalife is a dating powerhouse because it offers it’s users so many different ways to get in touch. Their website is put together really well and we’ll get into that shortly. First I want to touch on a few things that set Lavalife apart from the rest.

Lavalife offers a phone dating and voice personals service called Lavalife Voice. You can call and listen to thousands of voice personals at no charge. Lavalife voice has phone dating lines in hundreds of cities across the US and Canada. If you’re into talking to other singles one on one from the word “go”, Lavalife’s Voice service is definitely something to shout about.

Lavalife also offers an online magazine called “Click”, covering topics from dating and relationship advice to horoscopes and help with your online dating profile. They publish articles that canvas the world of online dating on a regular basis. Continue reading

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Table For Six Review

Table for Six reviews and complaintsTable for Six apparently has their own review site but here you can read some less biased reviews.

Table For Six is the most unique dating service on the face of the earth.  With more than just the standard one on one dating approach, this company offers more.  They are scattered all over California with offices in Los Angeles, Irvine, San Francisco, Sacramento, Mountain View, San Jose and Walnut Creek.

By signing up and being interviewed by one of their highly qualified and professional matchmakers, you increase your chances of meeting new people and finding your true soul mate by a very big percent.  With the most devoted staff, Table For Six has a extremely high success rate and almost no complaints.  The staff at Table For Six enjoy what they do so much, that anyone who has the privilege of being a member is guaranteed success.  All of their members are thoroughly screened for financial and criminal records and have to go through a number of other reviews to ensure your safety and happiness.

Table For Six offers a few different services all of which are designed to give their customers fun and easy ways to meet new people.  All of these services are very successful and loved by each and every customer. Many positive Table for Six reviews all over the web are a living testimony of the above.

The Total Adventures feature is arguably the most popular aspect of the Table For Six company.  With different events for each season of the year, the idea of this feature is to bring many singles together.  All the participants are similar in many ways which gives you a better chance of meeting someone like you.  When similar singles are put together in a warm and fun environment they have a much easier way of connecting and being themselves.  These environments include outdoor campfires, hiking, archery, cooking classes, boating and much more.  The best part is that the staff arranges and reviews everything so all you have to do is show up.  This service has brought thousands of people together taking away almost all previous dating complaints.

With the Dinning-Table For Six service, three men and three women are placed at a restaurant and given the opportunity to enjoy each table mate who is just like them.  Before the date, the matchmaker will introduce everyone.  As the night progresses, each member will open up more and more due to the comfortable energy in the room.  The staff at Table For Six understands that sitting at a table with a complete stranger can be difficult which is why they make one hundred percent sure that each member is alike.  This makes the night and the conversations much more pleasant.  The day after the date, the matchmaker will contact each person to hear their reviews and complaints.  If any two people say they liked each other and would like another date with that person, then the matchmaker will set it up.  This goes for every event and feature.

Some people love the Total Adventures and the Table For Six services but still prefer a one on one date.  For this reason, Table For Six provides with the Just For Two service.  This classic dating method gives you the nice relaxing personal face to face date with someone like you.  The date will be set up by your professional matchmaker.  As they do after all the other events and dates, the matchmaker will call you ready to set up the next date.

Table For Six has been around for over twelve years and has helped thousands of singles and continues to help singles today.  You can be one of these singles by signing up today at one of the following branches Los Angeles, Irvine, San Francisco, Sacramento, Mountain View, San Jose and Walnut Creek.

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