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Table for Six reviews and complaintsTable for Six apparently has their own review site but here you can read some less biased reviews.

Table For Six is the most unique dating service on the face of the earth.  With more than just the standard one on one dating approach, this company offers more.  They are scattered all over California with offices in Los Angeles, Irvine, San Francisco, Sacramento, Mountain View, San Jose and Walnut Creek.

By signing up and being interviewed by one of their highly qualified and professional matchmakers, you increase your chances of meeting new people and finding your true soul mate by a very big percent.  With the most devoted staff, Table For Six has a extremely high success rate and almost no complaints.  The staff at Table For Six enjoy what they do so much, that anyone who has the privilege of being a member is guaranteed success.  All of their members are thoroughly screened for financial and criminal records and have to go through a number of other reviews to ensure your safety and happiness.

Table For Six offers a few different services all of which are designed to give their customers fun and easy ways to meet new people.  All of these services are very successful and loved by each and every customer. Many positive Table for Six reviews all over the web are a living testimony of the above.

The Total Adventures feature is arguably the most popular aspect of the Table For Six company.  With different events for each season of the year, the idea of this feature is to bring many singles together.  All the participants are similar in many ways which gives you a better chance of meeting someone like you.  When similar singles are put together in a warm and fun environment they have a much easier way of connecting and being themselves.  These environments include outdoor campfires, hiking, archery, cooking classes, boating and much more.  The best part is that the staff arranges and reviews everything so all you have to do is show up.  This service has brought thousands of people together taking away almost all previous dating complaints.

With the Dinning-Table For Six service, three men and three women are placed at a restaurant and given the opportunity to enjoy each table mate who is just like them.  Before the date, the matchmaker will introduce everyone.  As the night progresses, each member will open up more and more due to the comfortable energy in the room.  The staff at Table For Six understands that sitting at a table with a complete stranger can be difficult which is why they make one hundred percent sure that each member is alike.  This makes the night and the conversations much more pleasant.  The day after the date, the matchmaker will contact each person to hear their reviews and complaints.  If any two people say they liked each other and would like another date with that person, then the matchmaker will set it up.  This goes for every event and feature.

Some people love the Total Adventures and the Table For Six services but still prefer a one on one date.  For this reason, Table For Six provides with the Just For Two service.  This classic dating method gives you the nice relaxing personal face to face date with someone like you.  The date will be set up by your professional matchmaker.  As they do after all the other events and dates, the matchmaker will call you ready to set up the next date.

Table For Six has been around for over twelve years and has helped thousands of singles and continues to help singles today.  You can be one of these singles by signing up today at one of the following branches Los Angeles, Irvine, San Francisco, Sacramento, Mountain View, San Jose and Walnut Creek.

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7 Responses to Table For Six Review

  1. Sally says:

    Just want to add this to the list of Table for Six reviews…

    It is about my latest Table for Six date

    Randy is Very charming, funny, kind, talkative, very good looking and affectionate. Had more fun with him in two meetings than I’ve had in ten years (nice to laugh) He is just what I always dreamed of but I have to give it time.

    • Sherri says:

      I met my boyfriend, Kevin, at Table for Six. After my divorce, I knew I wanted to start dating, but wasn’t sure how that
      worked. I had been married for 15 years to my high school sweetheart. I joined Table for Six on the recommendation of my hair stylist,
      when I mentioned I wanted to date she told me about one of her clients who was a matchmaker for the service. I looked into it,
      and seemed like it was a better choice for me than trying that online stuff.

      I was so nervous! I worked with Mandy for my dinner parties, and she is so sweet! We talked about how I would dress, and what to talk
      about on my dates. On one of my dinner parties, only 2 guys showed up, including Kevin, but I liked both of them. At first, I was disappointed, and I had to remind myself that if I had stayed home that night, I would have met 0 guys. And both of the guys wanted to take me out again. When I went on my second date with Kevin, I knew I wanted to date him. Mandy invited me to another dinner party, and when I called her and told her how things were going with Kevin, she got so excited! I really liked the people I met using Table for Six.

  2. Renée says:

    Just a little note to say thank you from two very happy people! Thanks to
    Table for Six I met my life partner and we’ve been together ever since. There
    is no way we would have ever met due to geographic location and we also
    didn’t travel in the same social circles. I met my honey in March 2005 and
    we were married in September. We do everything together – shopping,
    cleaning house, and groceries, spend time at our cottage, hang out with
    friends and family and so on! We are inseparable and I’ve never been so
    happy! After years of dating losers and freeloaders, I’ve found my equal.
    We laugh like crazy and we have the same sense of humor. He has all the
    qualities that I was looking for in a man. I love him dearly and could not
    imagine life without him. Now I believe that there are “nice” guys out there!
    Women just need to hook up with Table for Six to find them!

    We are both “second time arounders” and we knew exactly what type of
    person we were looking for. Thank you for helping us find each other.


  3. Abby says:

    I initially met Bill at a Table for Six diner. I then met him at two other Table for Six events. Last night I met him alone for the first time. He was excited about meeting me! He was on time (actually waiting for me), friendly, opened the doors into Tim Horton’s. Bill is chatty and appears to be an old fashioned gentleman … how refreshing. We laughed about our similar experiences when “Jackie” called and waiting for the “snail mail” for our letters. He’s definitely worth getting to know – I liked his profile and character. Add me on to the list of positive Table for Six reviews.

  4. Bobbi Raysen says:

    I joined Table for Six about 6 months ago and I’ve had pretty good
    success since I started working with Stephanie.
    She takes the time to get to know you before you go out. I had just
    gotten out of a painful divorce and the last thing I wanted to
    do was message men online. I liked that the Table for Six staff met all the members
    and knew about them before you meet them.

    There’s a lot of weirdos out there and it’s nice to know that at least
    I’m meeting men who have good jobs, take care of themselves, and who
    actually want to be in relationships and who aren’t just trying to be
    players. I’ve met some nice people and the women have been great. I’ve
    had a few follow up dates and I’m hopeful in Table for Six.

  5. Brenda King says:

    Table for Six is so much fun! I moved to the Bay Area from back East for my job, and didn’t know anyone. I wanted to try to meet some guys and maybe make some friends as well, I really wanted to know people outside of my office. When I interviewed, Kim made me laugh and offered me some good advice regarding make up and hair; I met my matchmaker Mandy briefly that day as well.

    The dinner parties are usually a blast; and I’ve made friends with some of the other women I’ve met. I’ve met some great men, and my social and dating life seem very busy for someone who didn’t know anyone a few months ago, even my coworkers have commented on that. I met George on my second dinner party, and we’ve been taking it slowly, but dating since. We’re not exclusive or anything, but things seem to be going there. I’m really happy with the kind of people I’m meeting.

  6. Happy says:

    This was the best Table for Six dinner I’ve had so far. Really liked Nicolas. He is tall (which I like) engaging, and I felt really comfortable with him. Greg was very sweet also. We talked about growing up in CO and working at a winery near Grand junction. I wouldn’t mind seeing them both again.

    The venue is fabulous, I love Chaya! Let’s do more Table for Six dinners there.

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