There are those of us out there on the web who are really not interested in making friends, or starting romance. There are those of us out there who would rather just get down to the business at hand (no pun intended) in the bedroom. If you’re looking for sex or have a sex fetish that you want to share with someone in a very real way, you need to check out Fling.

Fling is so confident in the service they offer, they will GIVE you 3 months of their service FREE of charge if you can’t find someone to hook up with in the first 3 months of service.

Fling in terms of website development is very well put together. You’ll have no problem finding your way around all of Fling’s features and offerings. Even as a free member you can browse profile snapshots of other members in your area. If you want to delve into a members’ full profile, you’ll need to sign up as a silver member.

Fling offers very little to free subscribers. In order to take advantage of all that Fling has to offer, I would recommend subscribing. I normally never recommend a subscription simply because that’s not what I do here. However, if you don’t subscribe, you really won’t be able to do much at Fling. And that’s such a shame because the website offers so much.

In my opinion, if you’re looking to hook up with singles for sex, Fling is one of your best options.

Fling is one of the most popular sex dating websites on the internet.

What I Love About Fling:

  • Fling’s 3 month guarantee. If you don’t find a hookup in 3 months, you’ll get another 3 months free. It’s a fantastic deal and a great way to increase the chances of finding someone to have fun with.
  • Web based video chat. Nothing helps break the ice for a real-life encounter more than chatting online via video chat.
  • Premium members can have non-members reply to them for free. This is a huge service that normally costs much more on other adult sites. This is one of the big drawing cards to Fling.

What I Hate About Fling:

  • Fling’s browser does not let you browse by cities. This makes it difficult to get local. If you’re a subscriber, you can find local singles.
  • You pay for everything. I wish Fling would give it’s free users just a little more of a taste of what they offer.

What do I get for free at Fling?

  • Limited Access to Fling’s recently added forums.
  • Browse gallery views by State or Country.
  • Create your own profile
  • Add and edit photos

What do I get for Silver Membership at Fling?

  • You get Fling’s 3-month guarantee (See review above)
  • View all Profiles and Photos
  • Access to instant messenger
  • Send/Receive Messages
  • Full access to member forums
  • Full access to Real-Time Video Chat
  • Create Private 1-on-1 Sessions
  • Watch Member Uploaded Videos and Photos

What do I get for Gold Membership at Fling?

  • Be Featured on all Search Results
  • Send email to FREE users
  • Receive email from FREE Users
  • Increase Your Chances of Getting Laid!
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