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If you’re looking for love with a Christian spin, look no further than Christian Mingle. Part of the Sparks network, Christian mingle is one of the premier dating websites for Christians. Nothing’s worse than finding someone interesting on a non-niche dating website only to find they don’t share the same spiritual values. If spiritual compatibility is a must for you and you’re a Christian, Christian Mingle will take the guesswork out of online love.

Christian Mingle has a couple of features that are unique to Sparks network online dating websites. It has a service who’s concept is similar to “Hot or Not”. It’s called “Think You’d Click”. It posts a picture of a Christian single and then asks you if you’d click on that profile and check the person out. If you select ‘Yes’, Christian Mingle will secretly find out if that person is interested in you as well. If they are, they’ll let you know! I love this feature because it’s zero risk. You can honestly answer and perhaps even find someone special.

Another unique aspect of Christian Mingle is the Compass readiness and compatibility test. Both tests are fairly quick (about 15 minutes) and they can give you an honest perspective about where you are with love and the type of person you’d be compatible with. Utilizing the Compass service requires at least a standard membership with Christian Mingle, but if you’re looking for Christian love and you want to be matched on compatibility, I think the standard membership is worth it.

If you want to spring for the premium membership, you’re profile will be placed in Spotlight and Stand-Out, two additional services offered by Sparks Network online dating websites. Spotlight places your profile picture and basic information directly on the homepage of free and paying members of Christian Mingle. This has enormous exposure value.

Stand Out is a similar feature. When a single searches and you come up as a possible result, your profile is given a special background color and a much larger viewing area. They also give your profile picture a nice border. All of this additional detail means you’re going to get looked at more than others who just have standard profiles. More attention = more clicks on your profile = greater chance of someone liking you. It costs just a little bit extra to add these two services, but can prove well worth the value if you find someone special.

What I Love of About Christian Mingle:

  • Stand-Out and Spotlight. These services are unique and provide users with just a few extra tools to find love.
  • Think you’d click? Anonymous is always good online because you can be up front and honest without fear of rejection. I think this is a great way to find out if someone likes you.

What I Hate of About Christian Mingle:

  • Allowing free members to reply to messages from standard and premium members would take this website over the top.

What do I get for free at Christian Mingle without paying membership cost?

  • Create your free profile
  • Review your matches by Email
  • Find out who’s viewed your profile

What do I get for being a Standard Member at Christian Mingle?

  • All the benefits of free membership PLUS…
  • Send and receive emails
  • Send and receive instant messages with other singles
  • Enjoy full access to the message boards
  • Find your match with Christian Mingle’s “COMPASS” service.
  • Create customized E-cards.

What do I get for being a Premium Member at Christian Mingle after sending cost and fees?

  • All the benefits of free and standard membership PLUS…
  • Access to spotlight (see above review)
  • Access to Stand-out (see above review)
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